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When to retire jumperoo

I have the Nuby jumperoo from the last Aldi baby event (UK) which DD absolutely loves. The instructions are a bit pants but say the maximum baby height is 81cm and maximum weight 12kg and it's not suitable for babies who walk or climb. Apparently the fisher price ones also say that jumperoos are not suitable once the baby can stand with flat feet. (Sorry I am slowly getting to the point!)
DD is 69cm tall and about 7.5kg but she can stand flat footed and jumps like a complete loon in it although she does tend to jump from her toes. Does this mean she's too big already? Watching her land makes me wince sometimes it's like I'm waiting to hear a crack but she's absolutely fine. Sometimes she's almost kneeling at the bottom of the down bounce! Will be a shame to put it away as she loves bouncing more now she's doing it harder but she's still so far away from the height and weight limit. Just wondering what other ladies have done with theirs. Thanks

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