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4 month regression or injection trouble

Never had this with dd1 not sure if we heading into it with dd2

She has been sleeping 7.30 ish to 7.30 ish

Sat MIL babysat & lo was awake 9-11 only settling with milk

Tues we had injections she didn’t have much milk after & slept 13 hours that night

Yest she managed to up milk a bit more but woke in night settled back with dummy twice but between 1.45 - 3.15 she just wouldn’t settle seemed uncomfortable had hiccups I tried water teething gel calpol eventually giving milk - not fussed on doing this as it effects her breakfast bottle & she fussy on milk anyway! She was babbling laughing etc seemed sleepy but just wouldn’t settle

Injections related? Or we heading into this regression I hear about

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It could be one or the other or both! Honestly, does it matter? Either way there really isn't anything you can do about it. My first was a bad sleeper at night, woke 6-8 times a night until she was a year old. I drove myself crazy trying to figure out why this was happening, and then I realized that it doesn't really matter why. Obviously there are some things you can fix if she is hot/cold/hungry etc, but there's nothing you can do about it if it is injections or the sleep regression (or some other reason you haven't even considered) so there's no point in pulling your hair out trying to figure out why she is waking. Just deal with it as it happens and try not to stress about it. Also I wouldn't be offering her water at her age, if she wakes at night I would just give her milk. I've only ever breastfed so I don't have experience bottle feeding, but does it matter if her breakfast bottle is affected by having a bottle at night? My son sometimes wakes at 6 am and I feed him back to sleep, so when he wakes up for the day an hour or two later he doesn't want to feed again (which would be his breakfast) and I don't think it really matters. I just feed him when he is hungry and don't worry about what time of day/night it is.

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