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6 week old sleep at night question

My DD is gaining well while being EBF. My lactation consultant has said we can skip a nursing session at night a while ago but we really haven't yet.

The problem i have is figuring out when she is awake and hungry at night. During the day she lets me know by crying and it's fairly predictable between 2 1/2 and 3 hours. At night however, she doesn't cry. She grunts, coos, wheezes... makes all sorts of noises in her light phase of sleep but not once have I heard her cry. I tend to pick her up when all the typical baby noise becomes more consistent with fewer spots of 'deep' sleep. I go to nurse her and she is obviously hungry. This could be a 4 hour stretch, 2 hours, 3 hours.... variable.

I don't want to create bad habits in the long run if we continue to nurse every 2-3 hours at night. So I guess my question is should I just let her continue to make noise at this point and wait for her to fully wake and tell me she is hungry by crying? I realize she is still very young and it's too early to sleep train... it's just be nice to get a slightly longer stretch of sleep. #wishfulthinking

On a similar note, she is becoming increasingly difficult to put down for naps. She is also becoming more reliant on me or DH to fall asleep for naps. Is it just her age or are we developing bad habits by rocking/nursing/using a pacifier? How bad her witching hour is is directly related to how many naps she got during the day. A lot of naps today=a very, very mild witching hour tonight.

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When my dd was 6 weeks I thought I had created a bad habbit by holding her too much because she started crying when put down.. it soon passed and she very happily sits in her rocker or lies on her rug.

My dd is the same with sleep.. she won't cry at night. I swear people don't believe me when I say this! She is 11 weeks, but her "schedule" has been the same since about 4 weeks.. she feeds every twp hours during the day. At night I let her sleep, and she makes enough noise to wake me, still no crying though.

Her night schedule looks like this..

Feed 9.30pm
Sleep 10pm - 12.30am (I wake her for this feed, purely so I can go to sleep at 1am!)
Feed 12.30am -1am
Sleep 1am - 5.30am
Feed 5.30am - 6am
Sleep 6am - 7.30/8am
Feed 8am

My child health nurse said since she has great weight gain and if she is feeding regularly during the day with lots of wet nappies, then I can let her sleep up to 8 hours if she doesn't wake.

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