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We never had any issues with Rioís walking/development etc but only ever used it for recommended times. I wonder if those cases have anything to do with over use at all?
Iíll probably end up getting one for Niko, and complain the whole time Iíve got it that itís in the way
I have old videos of Rio in his that I had a look back on and he was having a great time in it every time! So it seems a no brainer really. Itís on offer £60 at the moment and Iíll probably be able to sell on for around £40 anyway. Thanks all!

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Old Oct 24th, 2017, 14:46 PM   12
Mum (Mom)
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Never had any problems here either, we were sensible with it though and obviously, extended overuse of anything can be detrimental!

The size of it was an absolute pain in the arse but seeing W laughing like a loony was the best

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We kept ours from when Anabella was a baby and I've no regrets. Jamie absolutely loves it! As soon as he was ready for the jumperoo, I found he had outgrown the swing , so the jumperoo just took the swing's place. Yes it's big and bulky, but he's only going to be using it for around 6 months and then you'll get the space back.

I wouldn't worry about what will be good enough for a Christmas present though. He's so little, he doesn't have a clue. If you are concerned about spending more for Rio compared to Niko , then I would put the same amount of money your're spending on Rio in a savings account for Niko

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