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Baby Bjorn Miracle carrier

Anyone have any experience with these little one appears to hate it & screams! Granted we should have used it more for her to get used to! We went about 6 wks not using it now she just screams!

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These are unfortunately really uncomfortable for babies and they aren't recommended as they don't offer proper hip support that small babies need. I would put it on ebay and look to get yourself one that will be more comfortable and supportive. Manduca is a good brand, as is Ergo, Connecta, there's several ergonomic carriers that you'll likely have much more success with. There is even a Bjorn ergonomic one now, though no idea if it's any good. I'd really recommend though getting to a sling meet so you can try a few before you buy and get some advice on fit. Different ones fit different bodies better or worse, so it's good to try a few first before you make the investment.

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I've noticed with my LO that she often complains when she is put in it but calms down after a couple minutes and falls asleep. I have an ergo 360. There are times, though, that she screams and doesn't stop. I think she is overtired in those instances.

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