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I would say after the 4 month sleep regression. That's when u start to get your life properly together. That's when my daughter started going to bed by herself and had a sort of set bedtime. It started to feel like she was becoming more of a child than a useless baby. Life just felt easier after that

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I also hate to be a downer, but 3 months is not a magic bullet. I’m still waiting for it to get easier and my DS1 just turned 5. Parenting never gets easier, it only gets different. It’s true that everything is a phase with kids and every phase will end quicker than you think, but then you’re on to the next thing that’s all-consuming...

My take: DS1 was all around a nightmare baby, from trouble breastfeeding early on, to terrible sleep, to cranky and grizzly all the time. I don’t think I started relaxing until he was 18 months old, no joke. Now he is 5 and instead of breastfeeding and sleep issues, we're dealing with growing up kid stuff, like emotions and defiance and burgeoning independence, all of which is just as huge as the newborn stuff - arguably more mentally taxing, actually - only with less wake ups at night (small miracles!).

In comparison DS2 was a much easier newborn. We had no feeding issues, he slept really well from birth, I thought I had it under control - and then the 4 month sleep regression hit and I didn’t sleep more than 2 hours in a row until he was nearly two. At 2 years 3 months he has finally started to sleep better and I’ve had a few nights with only one wake up! Incredible!

I’m pregnant with baby 3 and have no expectations this time around, except to expect that it’ll be horrific and I’ll be exhausted. Whilst the early sleep deprivation of the newborn stage does eventually fade and you do start getting five minutes to yourself here and there as they grow older, it never gets easier, not really. You just end up putting all that effort into different areas.

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Well for us the newborn phase got easier, when my DD was no longer a newbor

She was a very colicky high needs baby. Nights were ok, but during the day she screamed for hours. She got over stimulated sooo quickly and could not wind down for naps, i was bouncing for what felt like ever with her in my arms only for her to sleep like 40 minutes, be happy for 10, eat and then fuss/scream until she finally fell asleep for her next mini nap.

3 months came and went and didn‘t make a difference.

HOWEVER for us it got better when she was 4 1/2 months so around the time babys hit the 4 months sleep regression.
She started sleeping more easily and i was able to gently get her to nap in her crib. She was able to be awake for longer and no longer overstimulated so easily and from then on she has been a happy baby! Like night and day difference and she never really regressed again.

So it might not be right at the 3 months mark but it will get easier, even my constantly screaming baby finally started to enjoy life on this side of the womb

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