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My second baby is a nightmare

Our first child was a dream baby and is still a delight at 2 1/2 years old, honestly can't complain and he is so good with the baby.

I am losing my mind with our second baby oh my god he has been such hard work since day one he is six months old now and is probably more high needs than he was as a newborn

He is breastfed and Co sleeping, just started solids, he just whinges/screams all bloody day, at least it feels like it, I have lovely moments with him playing on the floor or holding him, feeding him but it never lasts longer than 10mins, he won't fall asleep on the boob or on me at all so I spend forever trying to get him to sleep when he's tired. Please tell me I am not alone with this impossible to please child.

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Oh no you are not the only one. My son is 7 months and it takes me 1 hour at times from his tire sign rubbing his ears to get him to nap for 20 minutes. At best 1 hour but he needs to be resettle after 30 minutes. Seriously I thought my daughter was bad only slept on me won't even let me transfer to my husband but at least it was easy to put her to sleep. Feed and hold and pat sitting down

At least you have a good first child so you can give your needy child more attention eh. Hopefully once they are moving more get more tire hence easier to put to sleep.

So hard not to wish time away but I keep telling myself they are only little for a little while eh

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We were in this situation, although my youngest is now getting much easier. My DD was a dream baby, she self settled for naps and at night since the day she was born, I would just put her down when she started to show sleepy signs and she would just drift off to sleep on her own. She was content to be put down at any time, rarely cried, was an easy peasy baby. She woke up a lot at night needing to be fed to get back to sleep, but that was the only difficult thing about her.

Then my son was born and he would not be put down for even a second without screaming, not in a swing or a vibrating chair or anything. He was only happy in the carrier, but he was a July baby and we had a super hot summer so we would both end up miserably hot. He would scream because he was too hot, so I'd take him out of the carrier and then he'd scream because he wanted back in his carrier. It was so frustrating and I had a baby shaped sweat stain on my shirt by the end of every day. He would scream if anyone other than me held him, including my husband. He was just hard work and impossible to please. Trying to get him to sleep for a nap and at night was such a chore, he also would rarely fall asleep on the boob and I would have to walk and bounce him around while he screamed himself to sleep. Then he hit about 3 months old and things started to get better, now at 4 months old he is a dream. He is happy and smiley, laughs at everything and loves being in his jolly jumper or bumbo. It still takes a while to get him to sleep but there is usually no more screaming involved.

Now my son is getting easier and my daughter is starting to be hard work, terrible 2's here we come!

Hopefully things turn around for you soon, I know how frustrating it is having a baby that seems impossible to please.

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Its my first baby who was the nightmare. IMO, personality has a lot to do with it. DS1 is now 5 and is still a challenge, especially compared to DS2 who is more laidback. But hes 100% amazing at the same time. You do get through it and you do learn to appreciate them the way they are, sometimes the most stubborn and tenacious kids turn out to be the most fun and caring because they do everything at 100%.

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