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17 month old not walking yet

So the title says it all. My *almost* 17 month old is not walking yet and it is starting to freak me out.
She is the youngest of 4 and was a good baby (just took a little longer than usual to sit unassisted but other than that crawled etc on time).
She is an incredibly fast crawler, she climbs just about any thing (including our stairs, chairs, you name it). She cruises along our furniture, walls, etc.
When I try to encourage her try walk she curls her legs up or just plain says 'no no no' an shakes her head.
It almost seems like when I encourage her I'm doing more harm than good (almost like she wants to do it herself without me pestering her).

I don't know if I should be worried or not. She seems to be going through a funk lately. Just crying alot, whiny, impatient, no appetite/throwing all her food on the floor. A part of me feel she's being stubborn while the other part of me is worried like any mother would be.

Anyone else have a late walker/baby not wanting to walk??

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I wouldn't be worried at all. My son was the same but never crawled and was slow to sit up and roll ect. He eventually walked at 18 months and from there walked everywhere!! Never wanted to go in the Pushchair. He is now a happy healthy nearly 6 year old! 😁

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My 5 year old didnít walk until a week after he turned 18 months. He never had any of those wobbly first steps, when he decided to go he just went! Some kids just take a little longer to be ready but itís perfectly normal.

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Sounds exactly like my almost 17 month old as well! She was late to roll/crawl but can cruise along furniture, climb on things and does really well with the push walker. She also is really good at walking holding onto one of our fingers. However, her feet are pronated (think ballet stance) and so she is walking on the insides of her feet. Going to get orthotics to see if it improves!

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