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Originally Posted by cupcake. View Post

The way those videos are edited are to make you believe he just said something extremely outragous and scandalous without giving you any context.

Im not sure why you would hold Bill Gates so extremely high up in your decision to vaccinate or not, he may be a brilliant mind and businessman but he is also no doctor or medical professional.
But since you do, what he means by controlling population growth is not developed countries. Its developING countries, where there are still much much higher child mortality rates and Bill Gates believes that High Child Mortality Rates correlate to high Birth Rates (again in developing countries, so not the US and most of Western countries). He believes if families could be sure their children would survive they would not have as many, which would then naturally lead to decreasing population growth.

He does not mean or admit that vaccines slowly make a community sick at all.

This took me literally a minute to research. You obviously have the same recources to research but you chose to blindly believe a video that has been edited to make you believe what the editor believes. You do not even consider to research the Pros of vaccinating, which actually means you are not making an informed decision at all..
Exactly this. ^^

I am truly sorry for the loss of your little boy and understand that you want to do the best for your daughter but I agree with the other ladies you can't make an informed decision by just looking at articles related to your side of the argument. Please take the advice from loeylo and read some peer reviewed literature and journal articles as well. You also mentioned your daughter being ok because "everyone else is vaccinated" that is just not true anymore. We are having more outbreaks of measles and mumps here in europe and there are still older people living with the lifelong effects of polio, waiting to see if it then also manifests into post polio syndrome which tends to hit in later life. My father in law is very lucky that he just has some balance issues but I had a teacher who couldn't walk because of polio.
Is it possible for you to find a different doctor that you're more comfortable with who you can have a good discussion with about all the options? Your daughter still needs her check ups as some conditions like heart murmurs as mentioned don't show up until all the fetal circulation has closed up

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First of all I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs.

I'm a staff nurse. I work in the rehabilitation of individuals who have been affected by a brain injury in various ways, normally trauma. Prior to this I spent 5 years in forensics and learning disabilities. In all areas I've seen the devasting effect that some diseases we're vaccinated against can cause, a particular bad case being a gentleman who now has severe developmental delays, cognitive problems and mobility issues. He developed encephalitis. From MEASLES. That is simply terrifying for me as a health professional and I can't urge people enough to vaccinate their children due to what I've seen. There are so many side effects to these illnesses that folk don't even realise.

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