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I am the same mostly. I think it's breastfeeding and hormonal related as I've been breastfeeding almost 6 years now.

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It's still very early days. We didn't have sex again until I was 7 months pp. We were just exhausted and bedsharing (and I was not feeling up for it enough to try it in weird places around the house) and just it was not at all a priority. I would say though that the first year or so of having sex again was more just because we felt we should. I don't think I had much of a true sex drive back for about 2 years. But after that it was normal again, even when it was still hard to find the time between night wakings and busy lives. But if your relationship is happy and healthy, there's no reason to stress about it and it will get back to normal in time.

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Old Dec 1st, 2017, 22:26 PM   13
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Agreed the bfing hormones + exhaustion makes sex so unappealing. I hated it while pregnant as well. Lube definitely helps it hurt less so you can feel more pleasure and maybe work your way back up to wanting it. Im 19w pp and have had three random and fleeting moments where I wanted sex. J/c has your period returned? I wonder if once the cycles come back thats when well want it because well be ovulating again

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Old Dec 6th, 2017, 13:42 PM   14
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We are more sexually active now after the birth of our second child than we were after our first born. I had some physical health issues here and there but we still managed to be intimate in other ways.

My suggestion is to engage in sex much more, whether you are feeling it or not. That has really helped my drive immensely and I don't keep tabs but we are intimate fairly often.

If there is no intimacy, you are basically roommates.

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about 5 weeks pp here and not feeling it yet! big kid has been ill so we are both up with kids in the night. sleep wins here for now!

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