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Mummies of babies with CMPA

I think im finally getting somewhere with the doctors, we think the babies reflux symptoms etc are linked to CMPA. Shes been weighed today and in a week has lost 1oz.. shes been pooing during and after EVERY feed. Almost like its going right through her, yet a few days ago she was really constipated.. she still doesnt sleep settled at all whinges and brings her legs up through sleep. Dry gagging all the time, still wont sleep flat on her back, awful wind, vomitted a few times over the last few days. And shes got a spotty rash all on her face. All of which have come out more over the last few days.. health visitor has got us a docs appointment tomorrow morning and i gotta do a feeding chart up til then to see how much she's taking.
Does this sound like cmpa/silent reflux or just normal feeding problems? I swear if another doctor tells me its normal i will scream 😭

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Sorry to hear your having a rough time lately . GPs are useless diagnosing CMPA ( thatís my expiernece and one Iíve heard alot) .

DD2 has CMPA which went undiagnosed for nearly a year . After numerous GP visits finally got somewhere wasnít until after her 1st birthday.

I wouldnít say itís a normal feeding routine especially if she is so unsettled . Youíve gotta push ! As them for a trial of Neocate formal it contains no milk at all

Thereís a symptom checker you can use which may be helpful .

Only way you will find out really is to switch formula or eliminate dairy from your diet if you breastfeed .

Hope this helps .

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