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Restless Sleeper

My daughter is 7 months old today & has always been somewhat of a restless sleeper. As a younger baby, she’d bang her legs & arms around in her sleep but overall would sleep through it!

Now at 7 months, it’s a nightmare! From 5.5 months, she’s just rolls around all over her cot & frequently wakes herself up she appears to want to sleep on her side but is quite unstable so usually ends up rolling back & getting annoyed!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to help her sleep more peacefully? She dropped her night feed at 5 months but has recently started to need one again.. I assume a growth spurt! But her restlessness doesn’t seem to corrolate with hunger.. she’s just as rolly after a feed as she is before!

She does have a dummy for sleep & I worry she’s struggling to settle without it.. maybe that accounts for all the rolling & arm flapping?!

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