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Help with my gassy baby

My DS has always been a gassy baby. I thought it would get better as he got older, but if anything it has gotten worse. He gets really painful trapped gas and the poor thing kicks and pumps his legs and arches his back until he has a big fart and obviously feels better. It's worse in the evenings/nights and often has us up constantly throughout the night. I have tried eliminating dairy from my diet for a couple of weeks (baby is breastfed) and didn't see any improvement. I used to have a glass of wine after the kids went to bed and I cut that out for fear it was causing the gas but again, no improvement. I've cut out broccoli, cauliflower, beans, and other foods from my diet that make me gassy but again no improvement. He started solids a few weeks ago, but we do BLW so he hasn't really consumed all that much yet. Starting solids might have increased his gas slightly, but not dramatically so, and I am making sure to stay away from offering him gas producing foods. He gets a probiotic every day, which again hasn't seemed to help. I've also tried gripe water and fennel tea with no improvement. On the rare occasion that he isn't gassy he will wake once, maybe twice at night for a quick feed, then back to sleep until 7 am and have his poop mid-morning. But most nights he wakes 4-5 times and often doesn't even want a feed, I hold him and he squirms and cries until he gets out a fart and then falls asleep on my shoulder, then he wakes for the day around 5-6 am and won't go back to sleep because he has to have a giant poop. I give him Ovol drops at night, which seems to help at the beginning of the night, but in the early hours of the morning he is gassy again. He also always has a huge poop first thing in the morning, he has always been a morning pooper. I wonder if that is what is causing his discomfort? Any suggestions/tips? I feel bad for him that he is so frequently in pain, and I want us both to be getting better sleep! Even though we do BLW I am thinking about trying to spoon feed him pureed prunes in the morning to help coax out an afternoon poop and maybe adjust his poop schedule.

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Do you block feed? That might help? Along with cycling his legs when he starts getting fussy. Might help him fart easier and settle more quickly

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