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What do co sleeping mums do with older babies when they need to get up?

I'm wondering what parents with older babies who co sleep do when they need to get up and baby is still asleep? Considering they might roll or crawl off the bed.

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I popped pillows (I had very firm ones I used) at his side and it was fine but I did live in a very small one bed house at the time so could hear him even if he started stirring. Often though he'd just sit up and start chatting away so I knew to go get him. Sorry I'm not sure if that's any help.

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I moved her to her crib. Sorry not more help but that was the driving factor in my crib training her...she was rolling both ways and starting to army crawl and I didn't feel safe ever even getting up to go to the bathroom. Definitely couldn't put her down for a nap without being in the room.

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This is when a side car cot comes in very handy. Although my coslept babies seldom stay sleeping when I get up

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I rarely had this problem in the morning as mine never slept that late to be honest. But once she was mobile, I made sure there was always some sort of barrier up against the side of the bed (this is mainly for evenings). We used a sidecar cot for this (just because it had always been there), so cot against her side of the bed and then it was unlikely she would get across to the other side of the bed before I could hear she was awake. We did go through phase around 8 months when she first started to crawl and she would literally pop straight out of sleep and start crawling across the bed. She nearly fell off about 3 times before I could run up the stairs to grab her. For a bit, we just started to put her to sleep in her cot in the evenings and would go get her when she first woke up once we were in bed. But in the mornings, it was rare I was too far away, so I wasn't as concerned. Once she was a bit older, past 1, she was much more aware of her surroundings and I could leave her in bed if I needed to and she wouldn't just fall out. Or if it was morning and she woke, she could easily just get down on her own. But a cot or a bed guard up against that side does help in the meantime.

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Our mattress is on the ground with a side rail on one side. I have always felt he was safe.

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