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For me I know 2 is sensible for us. I've just had my second six weeks ago. Space wise a third would be an issue. My toddlers toys take up half the house and now we have a baby with equipment and soon will have toys too. It's hard enough to get out the house with two at different ages aswel. All day the washers on etc lol. Not to mention between them there's no time for me and my partner to be us as its full on all the time.

But saying the above I never say never as who knows. I know I will be sad when my son is no longer a baby and miss these days. I love the whole waiting for baby, meeting baby and preparing for baby. But pregnancy is hard isn't it. I felt dreadful for four months feeling sick and exhausted. I couldn't do that again personally with two kids needing me.

If pregnancy was easier I'd love a big family in many ways but in reality 2 is enough for me and I'm technically done xx

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We both knew that we only wanted two. I did think about three, but when we found out we were expecting our 2nd, I just knew that this would be our final baby. LO is now 6 days old and my DH is going to call the GP to make sure there are no more (hopefully).

For us it is the right decision. Money wise and lifestyle wise, we really couldn't make three work for us xx

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We had always planned on having 2 but after our second I just didn't feel done. I had my third 5 weeks ago and an now definitely done! Found being pregnant hard work with 2 little ones and am looking forward to them growing up together and the things we can do in the future. Not getting any younger at 35 either! This time I have given away the clothes she has grown out of and got rid of all the boys old clothes and haven't felt sad at all so 3 is the right number for us

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It has been more of a logical reasoning here in terms of my age and our income. I'm 36 now and we have a son and a daughter. I had our son at 35 and that was my personal cap off. Though I did not have baby fever or feel any broodiness at any time, even before conceiving our kids.

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