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where to sleep in caravan

hey ladies I'm after some advice. we will be going to the seaside for 4 nights when baby about 5 weeks old, there isn't enough room in the car for the moses basket so I was thinking he could sleep in the carrycot from the pram or the travel cot. what's better? the carrycot not supposed to be for overnight sleeping but as least I can put a proper moses basket mattress in there, travel cot is but the mattress is flimsy and not back support. what would you do? it's stressing me out because thought I could take Moses basket but will have no chance of fitting it all in as still need the carrycot for the day

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I'd go for the carrycot especially if you can fit the Moses mattress in it, mine have all loved their pram carrycot and I would have happily used it for nights away if needed.

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Probably get shot for this but I'd say carry cot. Both my children slept in theirs for around 4 months (on their tummy may I add) as they wouldn't sleep anywhere else. 4 nights as a temporary solution I'm sure will be just fine ��

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Where ever you have a flat firm surface which is well fitting - no gaps between mattress and edge of cot.

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