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Delayed milestone

Hi.. I have boy/girl twins 3.5 months today (37 weekers)...My girl is way too ahead on almost all the milestones for her age but my boy has started making eye contact (sometimes) a week back.. He smiled yesterday many times and is making lots of sound with himself since last 15 days. He cries bad and holds his breath so I feel terrible in trying things with him. He hates tummy time and gets all blue when I try with him for a minute or two. He hardly moves his neck. I went to the pediatrician when he was 2.3 months for my concern that did not make eye contact. I was worried to a point that I was not sure that even he could see. He had eye examination, and we found optic nerve pallor. To test the extent of damage we got EEG, VEP, and BERA tests done all of which came good. He doesn't seem to have any issues according to a neurologist. and soon after these tests, he started making eye contact sometimes. Now, I am struggling to get him hit some tummy time and exercises, which he hates so much. Any advice(s)

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It's common for babies to hate Tummy Time, but I'd be concerned with anything that makes a child go blue - or is it that he cries so much about Tummy Time that he stops breathing? If it is that I'd just not push Tummy Time too much just yet.

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My first son hated tummy time with a passion. To be fair, he did have a hip brace on from 2 weeks old, which made it more uncomfortable. But regardless, he didn’t improve on tummy time until around the 3-4 month mark.
My second doesn’t need a hip brace, and so he is slightly better at tummy time then my first - but only just! His 2 months old and I probably only get about 3-5 minutes of tummy time in before he cracks it.

Also, I’m not sure exactly where the studies were done and how many kids it involved (sure google will bring up the info), but apparently recent study/research has shown that girls are developmentally ahead of boys by about 6 weeks (as babies). So if you’re girl is hitting things a little bit quicker, that could be why.
My maternal health nurse was telling me all about this, so I am assuming there is some truth to it.

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