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Alright, so I am not TTC. My DH and I have 2 little boys who just happened to be very high-maintenance, and we are so so happy to be done with 2 kids. We've used the pull-out method ever since we've been together (9 years) and only have gotten pregnant when actively trying.

My LMP was Feb 3 -7, my normal 5 day cycle. My cycles go anywhere form 25-28 days, they're shorter. We had sex on Feb 10th, 3 days after my cycle ended, and for the first time ever, my DH got carried away and forgot to pull out. I figured we were safe, but then I got ewcm on the 13th and my normal ovulation cramps on the 14th. So..that's unprotected sex 4-6 days before ovulation. Am I safe, you think?

This wouldn't be unwanted on my part, but just...not planned. And I know my DH would be upset, as he has a 13 year old daughter and we have our 2 boys together.

Someone please assure me that we are likely okay. Even though sometimes I'd like another..

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Honestly, I don’t think your DH can be too upset being as you’re both happy using the pull out method? There’s always a risk of getting pregnant using it and I’m sure you both know that?

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Not impossible to fall pregnant 4 days before ovulation but theres a low chance.

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The pullout method is notoriously unreliable so I can't see why your OH would be able to be grumpy about it. It only works if you actually pull out, after all!

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