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What is a reasonable price to sell brand new baby clothing for?

Shipping is $7.00 flat rate USPS priority.

What is a reasonable price to sell brand new clothing for?

For example:

-5 Pack of Bon Bebe One Piece Bodysuit
-Ralph Lauren Sleeper
-One Piece Bodysuit from Carter's


I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions. I am starting to sell my stillborn sons clothing that was never worn. Most is brand new with tags. I am having trouble pricing it to sell on ebay. I want to price it fair but I dont want people to buy it just to resell it for profit. I am trying to make some extra money.

Do different prices sell for different amounts?

What brands sell for more or less money?

I do the flat rate priority because it is easiest with the post office close to my home.

Thank you mommas!!

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I personally wouldnt sell on ebay i have had some bad experiances.
I dont know what its like where you live but here there are facebook groubs for selling kids items in the local area. I put things on there and always get a fair price.
if things are brand new and really nice not from asda/walmart. Id put them maybe a bundle for 40 or if there expensive items like Ralph Lauren you could probably sell individually. a basic bundle from supermarket type shops i normally put about 15. That way theres no shipping and just alot easier imo.

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If it's got tags usually a few quid off the tag price, a lot of people won't bother paying postage on something that is too close to the retail price as they could end up spending more than the item is worth. Selling locally will likely be more successful or in Facebook groups specifically for selling certain brands.

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If it’s selling for that much postage you’re going to have a hard time getting any bids as you can pick up new items with free delivery from a store for less.

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Id deduct the $7 shipping price from the original tag and then a few more quid...because if it's going to cost as much as the original price tag with postage,they may aswell buy new and have the receipt to return if it doesn't fit etc.

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I just wanted to say I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your son
I know off topic, but I couldn't help it .XO

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Designer labels , I'd probably start at about 5. A pack of suits, maybe 3-4? A single item, 2. And just hope for a bidding war really.

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