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Random projectile vomiting...

Hey ladies!

Iím wondering if anyone else has experienced random projectile vomiting with their baby?

My DS2 does have silent reflux, which is controlled with Losec and thickened feeds, so I donít feel itís related to reflux.

When I say projectile vomiting, I mean convulsing and then spewing up every little bit of his feed. He has done this twice now, 3 days apart, and itís been about 30-40 minutes after a feed (he burped heaps with both the feeds).

Every other feed between these 2 episodes, he has kept down, with the only the normal tiny spit ups whilst burping him.

The reason I ask, is that it seems like the spews are because it doesnít sit in his tummy well or something, rather than just burping and bring spew up with it. But at the same time, it doesnít seem likely itís a bug, when every other feed between the 2 big spews has been fine. And he otherwise seems happy - in fact he was smiling and cooing at me about 5 minutes before this mornings huge spew (He seemed very content whilst I was making coffee, and then I heard him start to choke, so picked him up, he started doing the convulsions, so I faced him out and let him chuck over the kitchen floor. Then he happily lay on his play mat after).

I never had this with DS1. But I wonder if some babies do just randomly spew..

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My boy does this on occasion, but it's usually when he's fighting sleep and I spend 30+ min with him on the boob and I think he just drinks so much he makes himself barf. He's never done it after a regular length feed. So long as LO is happy then I wouldn't worry too much about it, if he seems otherwise unwell then maybe talk with his doctor about it.

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