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Tips for going away from 8 week old for 8 hours

Iím due in a week, and I am a wedding videographer. We book weddings 18+ months in advance.

I have my first wedding back when the baby will be 8ish weeks old. I am exclusively breastfeeding, so this will be a difficult day Iím sure. Iíll be gone for about 8 hours, and I DO possibly have the option of nursing once during the wedding when I take a mid-day break. (My mom will bring the baby and I can nurse in the car.) We will have a trained assistant to help while I take nursing or pumping breaks.

Any tips for surviving an 8 hour day away from a 2 month old? My mom lives with us and will be watching her. The wedding venue weíre filming at is 15 minutes from our house. Just trying to prepare. Should I try a bottle beforehand? Or wait until the day of? I plan on pumping to give her breastmilk that day.


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