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5 month old hates new places and noises

Hi everyone

My little boy is nearly 6 months old! He is such a happy baby but as soon as we go somewhere busy or lots of noise he becomes so upset!! There is a few family members he really doesn’t like as well!!! Anyone have any advice on how to tackle this?

Thank you

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Our 3rd was like that. He couldn't take much stimulation. He is 15 months and has totally grown out of it now. He mostly stayed in the boba wrap when we went out at that age. It starts getting a bit tiring on your back as they get bigger but it worked wonders. I could just pop his head inside and he would go to sleep when it was getting too much. It also meant people couldn't grab him off me. He soon worked that out and would be a lot more friendly with people when he was in the boba.

Our first was the total opposite. She loved noise, lights and lots going on from day one.

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My LO is kinda like that too. People she doesn't know very well, big dogs, and vacuum cleaners all make her cry. I just hold her so she feels comforted. (or as with the vacuum I just do it when DH has her upstairs). It's just a stage. The only thing I'm adament on is that if someone is in her face or holding her and it scares her and makes her cry I take her right back. I feel a little bad because it's usually a family member but oh well, I feel worse for my DD. It's just a stage that comes about with some kiddos as they become more aware of the world around them and it will pass!

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