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Started period today light brownish - just had sharp quick lower right pain

Okay so I just started my period today (hopefully it isnít Implantation bleed) but it is light brownish or so and was a little red when I just wiped.. it is not heavy and I am not wearing a tampon because nothing is actually coming out lol except when I wipe.

Anyways.. I was just grabbing something from a lower shelf on my bookshelf and idk if I vent weird or what but when I bent down there was a quick sharp jab like pain on my bottom right (close to my hip area but above that)... I donít usually get cramps and Iíve only got my period twice (now three times) since Oct when I delivered via c section.

I donít remember what period pains or cramps feel like except the headaches and/or migraines!! Lol I DO remember the same sharp short lived jabbing pains when I first found out I was pregnant last year (I think they happened before I found out but possibly after??) but I donít think they were from bending over.

I tried to bend over again like I did before and I canít get the pain to happen again (not like i want that but I want to make sure it isnít something serious).

Thank you everyone!!!

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