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Does my 4 month old look like he's teething?

My almost 4 month old has been super crabby and has been having a really hard time eating. I'm thinking it might be teething. What do you think?

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It's hard to tell from the picture. Being grumpy, not feeding well, chewing their fists, dribbling lots , red cheeks and a little sore bum are signs of teething. Some babies get some, some get them all but can have them for months and no teeth can appear. Can just mean the teeth are moving under the surface and annoying them. Little damp flannel in the freezer for 10 minutes to chew on can help if it's that if you don't want to use gels or granules.

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At 4 months it is so hard to tell because a lot of their behaviour mimics teething. For example they begin to be able to put objects more accurately in their mouths and become very interested in chewing things as a way of learning about them. Their brain development means their sleep patterns change and can be disrupted for a few weeks. Their awareness and interest in the world increases so they fight sleep and can't concentrate long enough to feed because they are distracted by everything and they become more grumpy as they get over stimulated and overtired.

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I don't see any teeth emerging. Being grumpy, chewing things and drooling are all developmental things

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With both my kids I thought for sure they were teething around 4 months old, chewing on their fists and everything in sight, bright red rosy cheeks, drooling excessively, etc. My daughter got her first tooth at 11 months, and my son got his at 8 months, so neither of them were actually teething at 4 months old. Yours might be, it isn't unheard of to get a tooth that young, but at that age it's really hard to know what is teething behaviour and what is just developmental.

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here to learn but I'm just amazed you got that picture! Every time I pull my son's chin down, he sticks out his tongue and then we laugh!

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