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Baby weight!!

Hi mommies,

I'm a dad and our little boy is turning 3 months this may 9 and he is already 8.1kg. he is pure breastfeed . his birth weight is 3.8 kg.

we are asian (filipino).

we just worried bec he gain weight too fast.

Is this weight still fine ? what is the normal weight range ?


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Hi kayo! wow that's a big boy you have, but I'm sure he's fine - he's probably just in the highest percentile! What has his pediatrician said? He was born big and just seems to have kept going. Good for you! I'm sure he's adorable!
He will most likely slim down once he gets really active too.

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If he's breastfed then I wouldn't worry about it at all. My little boy was also massive and gained weight super quickly after birth, he is now 10 months old and is still really tall but isn't nearly as fat as he was when he was tiny, he started to lean out as soon as he started crawling.

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