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Small amount of yellow spit up in EBF baby?

During the night when I feed and burp my 6 week old LO, I use a burp rag in case she spits up. She did spit up a little bit last night, and when I woke up this morning I looked at the burp rag and it was yellow! It smells kind of sour.

She seems fine and is happy and smiley like normal. She seems to reflux a lot since birth, but most of the time swallows it back down. She almost never cries (we go days without any crying at all), and is gaining weight great.

The only other thing of note is that she has had mucous in her diaper with her poo for the past few days. I was considering maybe a dairy allergy is causing the reflux and mucous? (The whole family is also getting over a cold virus, and Iím still a bit sick currently.)

Should I be worried about a small amount of yellow spit up? She hasnít spit up again today yet, so I canít tell if itís still yellow.

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No. Both of mine have had this on the odd occasion. It's probably just a bit of bile, which everyone has in their stomach - gross, perhaps, but whenever I threw up in the morning with morning sickness and didn't have anything solid in my stomach, it was always yellow, even if I'd had a glass of water or whatever. In your baby's case, it could even have just dried yellow. Or, it could be a result of snot in her tummy as you mentioned. Bile, snot, whatever, none of it is anything to be worried about.

Keep an eye on her of course, but something out of the ordinary happening once or twice shouldnt be a concern. My oldest once burped up a blueberry in the middle of the night that she had eaten at breakfast?!

As for the mucous, if she's had a cold, seeing it in a nappy is completely normal, especially towards the end of the cold when the snot is really thick and phlegmy.

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How yellow is it? My baby has had mucousy nappies and a cold and sometimes when he's sick a bit of the mucous that he's swallowed down comes back up with it and that's a bit yellow.

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