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Very naughty baby help!!!!

My 15 month old has turned into a monster. She has started pinching. And it really hurts! No good ignoring it doesn't work. She just laughs n laughs n laughs. Firm no doesn't work! Problem started when my elder ones laughed at her for doin it to them but that's when it didn't hurt an it only took one laugh from them for it to continue. They don't laugh anymore they actually cry!! (age8 and 9) also any visitors that come even new kids shes hasnt seen before shes doing it to them! I try n stop her before shee about to do it but she jus laughs. I know it's a phase but what can I do to help to stop it speshly with visitors!

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It is definitely just a phase, but in our experience it’s been quite a long one! She is 2.5 and sometimes still does it.

From about 16 months we used a naughty chair. We did it very “gently” - we don’t call it the naughty chair, we call it a thinking chair and we sit with her so she isn’t left. We put her on the chair and ignore her for about 30 seconds, then we have a restorative conversation with her - really basic stuff like”why did you hit? How did you feel? How do you think Mummy felt? Do you know why hitting is not nice? What will you do next time?”

It feels really silly at first because obviously at 15 months they don’t have enough language, so initially I gave her suggestions.

Now that she is older, she does get briefly left on the chair for maybe a minute. Sometimes she will even tell us to go away and leave her on the chair until she is calm enough to speak, which I think shows that it really does work.

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