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Originally Posted by bdb84 View Post
Getting the raw end of the deal would mean forcing yourself to nurse even though you hate doing it and then dreading that very contact every time he needs to eat.

I, too, have nursed a child for 2.5 years and then went on to do combo-feeding with her younger sister from day one. I ended up weaning by 6 months and we exclusively formula fed from that point forward. I have zero regrets. It's what made me feel the happiest and most productive. I absolutely HATED that DD1 would only ever eat with me. She wouldn't take a bottle, so letting her dad feed her wasn't going to happen.

So I chose a different route with DD2 and I'm probably going to take that same combo-feeding route with baby #4 as well.
Thanks girl! It is nice to hear that being said the other way around and not just what they need! I literally drove myself mad with her. Like you said no one could help! It had to always be you and it was just exhausting!!

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Do what you feel comfortable with. I personally couldn't leave my baby at that age so if I couldn't take them then I'd just say to my husband to go and enjoy the holiday. Everyone is different so you have to do what is right for you.

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