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Agreeing with all the comments here - don't think late ovulation means the baby will be unwell in any sense.
My bestfriend got pregnant after a 65plus day cycle - she hadn't got her period for just over 2 months, but wasn't pregnant. They dud a scan to check her out and confirmed she had just recently ovulated a day or two earlier. A little over a week after this she got a positive pregnancy test. Her son is now a healthy 3 year old, with what I'd actually consider above average intelligence - my son was born on the exact same day, and her son was doing everything (smiling, crawling, walking, talking etc) well ahead of my son (& my son is also pretty switched on).

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All of my kids were late ovulation babies. My first has autism and ADHD but I think a lot of that is to do with the genes in our family.

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