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Agreeing with all the comments here - don't think late ovulation means the baby will be unwell in any sense.
My bestfriend got pregnant after a 65plus day cycle - she hadn't got her period for just over 2 months, but wasn't pregnant. They dud a scan to check her out and confirmed she had just recently ovulated a day or two earlier. A little over a week after this she got a positive pregnancy test. Her son is now a healthy 3 year old, with what I'd actually consider above average intelligence - my son was born on the exact same day, and her son was doing everything (smiling, crawling, walking, talking etc) well ahead of my son (& my son is also pretty switched on).

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All of my kids were late ovulation babies. My first has autism and ADHD but I think a lot of that is to do with the genes in our family.

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Well considering all cells are there from birth and just start developing into a follicle at any time doesnt make a difference whether the follicle was released on day 12 or on day 21 or 36 etc. it is not that the follicle takes 60 days to develop it just means the hormones peak at around the day which releases a follicle. after that it lives 3 days and thats it.

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