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Old Jul 14th, 2018, 07:53 AM   11
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Wait you fell down the stairs when you were pregnant and your OH told you you were being a baby?

I’d be rid of him and as a result of that, the MIL as well (although the picture thing honestly wouldn’t have bothered me)

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Old Jul 15th, 2018, 13:32 PM   12
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the photo thing wouldn't have bothered me in the slightest... my mil and fil took photos of just my husband with our son when they visited him the first time. He is their son and they want to celebrate him becoming a dad.

The other things though.. im so sorry for your loss. After what she did that time she wouldn't have been in my life to start with xx

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Old Jul 20th, 2018, 08:10 AM   13
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Originally Posted by LoraLoo View Post
It wouldnt have bothered me. Whats wrong with her wanting some photos of just her Son and Granddaughter alone?
I agree pick and choose your battles

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Old Jul 24th, 2018, 00:31 AM   14
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Originally Posted by HSDR2017 View Post
AFter hearing a bit of our history, does anyone else think they would be upset and want her to never come around again? I realize now how toxic she is so I am cutting her out of Natalie's life forever.
To be honest, hearing your story, I feel your mil AND fiancé sound toxic.. Him calling you a baby for being upset is a huge red flag that he doesn’t care greatly about your feelings - highlighted also by the fact this was at the time you lost your son.
If it were me, I wouldn’t want either of them in my life.. But obviously now also having a daughter together, you will always be part of each other’s lives.
Not trying to be harsh at all, but if you and your fiancé stay together, you probably are just going to have to be let go of things like this photo issue. I doubt your MIL will see any different if you attempt to bring it up with her, and doesn’t sound like your fiancé cares too much about it. That really only leaves you having to drop it and move on.

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Old Aug 3rd, 2018, 14:42 PM   15
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the photo thing wouldnt bother me in the least. in fact i wouldnt even really want to have my picture taken at all. but your fiancee sounds like a jerk tbh.

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