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What can I do to get Ava to burp?

Ava has always been a hard one to burp. The ONLY way she will burp is if I sit her in my lap, lean her forward, and rub rub rub on her back and pat. Sometimes she will burp a real big one quick and other times just a small one after ten minutes of burping but she mostly doesn't burp at all.

I have tried every position I can think of to get her to burp. I have put her over my knee, laid her on her boppy with her arms over the edge, and over my shoulder but the thing that gets me is that she doesn't get gassy or cry because her stomach hurts.

Her tummy will be filled completely with air and when I put a finger on her stomach and tap I can hear the hollowness from all the air in her stomach. I know it can't be good for her to have all that air in there - even if it doesn't seem to cause any pain or bother her.

Any tips on how to get her to burp EVERYTIME?

FYI: I burp her every 2/3 ounces.

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I have only ever burped at the end of the bottle.
I sit on my knee, holding my hand under her chin/on her chest, with her upright and pat and rub.
She always does at least 2 big burps and then sometimes also some smaller ones.

Have you tried burping after the whole bottle?

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Old Jan 20th, 2010, 18:39 PM   3
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I've also heard putting a pacifier in their mouth will help them getting to burp, but I guess that's only helpful if your using one!~

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Amy is exactly the same. I rock her gently while I'm burping her (back & forth or round in circles) which seems to help shift some of the burps. She can still be pretty impossible sometimes though :P

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My LO was like this till about 2.5 months. I now have her burping almost every feed. I do a few different things.

1) I lay her across my lap (perpendicular or a "t" across my lap) This has gotten harder since she has grown so much
2) Have her sit with my arms under her pits facing me and my fingers pat her back and I sort of lift her up or make her posture a little better (this is most effective)
3) I cross one leg, like how men cross their legs, then I lay her so she is doing a kind of tummy time on the leg that is crossed with her head hanging over the knee (be sure to have the bib hanging over too) and I pat her back. She loves this because she can look all around.
4) I lean back on my recliner and put her on my chest and pat her back (this is effective, but she burps right in my face )

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Old Jan 20th, 2010, 21:18 PM   6
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yeah .. i usually only burp Willow at the end of a bottle. but if she slows down during the feeding and lets the milk fall out of the side of her mouth ill burp her.

i could NEVER get Willow to burp until OH showed me how he burped her.
thats really the only way i can get Willow to burp and when she needs to burp she'll let me know by SCREAMING!

try put her over your shoulder .. and rub her back from the bottom .. to the top .. really hard. dont do it soft .. do it hard enough for you to feel her stomach being pushed up against you .. do it for a minute for two. then pat her on the back slowly but a little hard. also do that on the LEFT side .. my cousin told me thats where the stomach is. or whatever you wanna call it lol. just try it and see what happens! but of course repeat it for a few minutes if it doesnt work the first time.

good luck!

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Aw hun, Elyse never was a very good burper, she'd hold onto it for a bit and then burp later when she was playing (esp during tummy time!) Like you we tried every position-- the lap was most effective for us too.

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Old Jan 21st, 2010, 01:50 AM   8
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Molly has been difficult to burp in the past but we've developed all kinds of weird techniques. One is to sit her and rock her back and forth while bouncing at the same time... but make sure she's really squat and almost pressed against her tummy.

Another is to do the rocking back over her tummy and then hold her straight up and repeat. Sometimes the bending and then stretching dislodges the air.

Other times, when all this fails, it just takes doing these things and then sitting her upright for a bit and then it comes by itself.


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Old Jan 21st, 2010, 06:19 AM   9
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Tummy time works great for Christina, when all fails, I put her on her playmat and she usually burbs within 3-5 mins

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Old Jan 21st, 2010, 06:52 AM   10
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Harriet likes to keep her wind in too. I can tell she's in pain sometimes and it breaks my heart I can't always get the wind out for her. Like all of you I've tried every concievable position and method - sometimes they work sometimes not. There's no sure fire way.

She does do a LOT of botty burps so at least it's coming out one way or the other!

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