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First time mom...need baby sleeping advice...normal?

Hi ladies!

I'm a first time mom, and my own mom lives states away so I don't know what to do about this..

My LO right now eats every two hours and he is about 6 weeks old. At night he eats every hour though! He likes to take naps during the day, just two and they are about an hour long each. During the day I lay him on his tummy because he has such bad gas, it helps relieve it. (He has colic pretty bad, I've had to cut dairy out of my diet completely, even butter!) Anyway, I will rock him to sleep then lay him down in the bassinet and he will start screaming for me just 10 minutes later. If I hold him he sleeps! Sometimes I just fall asleep in the chair with him otherwise I won't get any sleep!

I've tried swaddling him, keeping him awake during the day, pumping extra milk through out the day and fill up his tummy really full with a bottle plus breast. Nothing is working. I just need to know if this is normal. If this is happening to other moms, it would make me feel just a little better. I feel like I'm just doing everything wrong.

What do you all think???

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I would call your baby's dr - they can sometimes help you with ideas - esp. if your baby has colic. My baby doesnt have colic so not sure if they are similar at all... but my baby had weeks of not wanting to be put down and waking when I put her down (she would sleep for a very short while.
What my dr told me to do was make sure she is tired, dry, and fed and then swaddle her, give her a pacifier, and some noise (music, womb sounds, etc) and let her cry it out... well I tried the cry it out 1 night and it was not what I wanted to do - but kept up the rest of it - and having that routine helped get her prepared for sleeping (even naps I do this) If Megan goes over 2 hours without sleeping she gets overtired and is harder to get to sleep. I started with rocking her but then gradually put her down semi awake and now awake (if she is overtired it doesnt work) Being in a darker room helps and she cant hear the tv or it makes her not want to sleep.

My baby isnt bf though - she is formula fed so she was on a 2 hr schedule but now is 3-4 hours between feeds even at night.

Dont feel like your doing everything wrong - this is not easy - being a firstime mom - and esp. if your baby has colic!

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