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4 month old won't sleep :(

My little girl is 4 months old and the last few nights have been AWFUL! She will fall asleep on my fiance or I quite easily but as soon as we put her down in her cot she's wide awake again and when we leave the room she starts screaming at the top of her lungs.

If she does finally manage to drift off to sleep she keeps waking up, every 30 mins - 1 hour. When she wakes she doesn't just grumble, find her thumb and go back to sleep like she normally does, instead she starts screaming again.

We've tried everything we can think of to help her to sleep and nothing seems to make any difference. We thought maybe we'd changed something about her routine/her cot but I'm sure we haven't, we've tried soothing her back to sleep each time she wakes and we've tried leaving her for a little while to see if she'll 'cry it out' and drift off again in her own time, we've tried co-sleeping (with the old carry cot from the pram) and so much more.

It's so unlike her and it's starting to worry me that something might be wrong. She's slept through the night from around 6 weeks and has pretty much always been able to settle herself when it's time for bed. She hasn't got a temperature, she's eating normally but she is drooling A LOT. We've been giving her some teething gel which helps for a short time but doesn't really make much difference.

Sorry it's a long one, but does anyone have any advice?
Thanks so much!

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We have had a month of this now, i think its teething or possible growth spurt, have u tried feeding her? this worked for a little while with Izzy, she then slept til closer to morning. That stopped working after a while, and she was waking again every hour sobbing- we put on anbesol and she went back to sleep ok. I am hoping she is getting better she slept until 4.30 this morning before sobbing again. Maybe have a look in her mouth see if she has any teeth coming through?

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Sounds exactly like what we're going through at the moment with Jacob. He's teething and really struggling with his fourth tooth - it's been so much worse than the other three! At the moment he'll only sleep on me, so I have to sit up in bed or on the sofa and let him sleep on my chest/tummy. It means I get next to no sleep, but it's the only thing that soothes him, and even that doesn't always work!

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There is a big huge growth spurt at 4 months which can last a few weeks, and can throw any previous sleeping through-ness out the window (sorry!)... she might be hungry, as most babies do tend to eat more when they are having a growth spurt, but she might also be waking for other reasons.

Growth spurts can make babies clingy and cranky, needy... and also as they are making developmental leaps their perceptions can change suddenly which can make the world seem quite scary at times for a while until they get used to their new way of understanding things.

It could also be teething - or it could be both at once ()

I would try feeding her when she wakes first... if that doesn't work then I guess just keep doing what you can (as you are already) and then review the situation in a couple of weeks.

In the mean time - is there someone who could take your LO out for a bit during the day, or could you do 'shifts' with OH so you can get some rest and a bit of a break?

This is a hard time for lots of parents (me included!). Sorry I don't have any better answers (I wish I did!!)... it will pass eventually

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I think it sounds like she is growing and is after some extra until she gets it she really isn't going to settle for long.

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Obviously one signal alone is not enough to justify this, but HV told me yesterday that waking more at night is one of the signs babies are ready to start weaning.
Don't shoot the messenger, I know 6 months is recommended, just telling you what I was told!

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aww no ive had it for the past wk and i feel so ill with lack of sleep
morgans 6mth and cut 2teeth in 2days so wether its that....must be ? but were up n down, hes in my bed most the time wont settle in the cot

2night he went at 6pm usually after he was bk downstairs by 7pm and still is

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I'd say growth spurt and teething are the culprits! I swear by teething tablets!

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Zoe is the exact same age as your daughter and doing the same thing. She used to sleep through the night and now wakes between 1 and 3 and takes a bit to settle back down. I feed her in bed with only a dim light and I don't talk to her. Then I put her back in her car seat next to the bed. Sometimes she talks to herself, often she cries. I give her her pacifier. Sometimes she spits it out and we do it a few times. Eventually she's back to sleep. But it's getting old and I'm getting tired

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Sounds like she's teething My babe is going through the same thing. I just let her stay up until she's ready to be put down without screaming, tire her out.

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