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i can't get my baby to burp :(

Leah is 11 days old now and whatever i try i cannot get her to burp after her meals (she is FF) which is leading her to be very uncomfortable and often brings her food up.

I have tried rubbing in clockwise direction, patting (firmly), bouncing her on my knee, we are using Infacol before every feed, we use a slow flow teat to try and stop her getting so much wind in. I hate to see her squirming after she has fed as she is obviously in some discomfort from trapped wind

what can i do to get her to burp??? never thought this could be so stressful! xxx

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Have you tried either laying her on her tummy and rubbing her back, or putting her high up on your shoulder and burping her there? Sometimes it takes a while to find a position that works. Also sitting her on your knee, with your hand on her chest, and burping her there sometimes might work.

If she isn't managing to burp, you could try getting out some bottom wind. Push her legs so her knees are up to her chest and gently bicycle the legs. You can also try some baby massage, by massaging her tummy clockwise.

Are you stopping to burp her half way through her feed as well? Or waiting til the end?

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We got pretty desperate with Molly and developed a few techniques of our own.

We sit her so she's in an upright position, leaning slightly forward, holding her under her chin and and rock her back and forth and make sure she goes forward enough to be going over her stomach then we stand her upright, sit her down and pat her back. Sometimes we do it whilst jiggling her at the same time, poor thing. Then she goes over our shoulder and if it still doesn't work we sit her upright and talk to her for a bit and start it all again. It comes eventually.

Sometimes lying them down and then picking them up can make them burp. You just have to dislodge the air somehow. Get creative

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Some good suggestions there.
What works best for us is either lying our daughter down for a few minutes then picking her back up or standing up with her up against my shoulder and gently patting or rubbing her back.
Keep trying different things and eventually you will find what works best for you.

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Have you tried holding her upright with one hand supporting her by her chest and hitting her back with your other hand?

Also my doctor told us they actually have to learn to burp. It's not something that comes naturally. It took Rocco a good month to get the hang of it.

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We had big problems with Jacob burping too when he was tiny. I found the best way was to lie him on his tummy across my legs and rub his back.

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Phoebe never likes to burb - but will fart to her hearts content then cry because it surprises her!

The rocking suggestion worked for us the other day but I think bicycle legs to get the farts out is the only way with her!

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