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baby only wants to sleep in my bed

help! my 17 day old baby wont sleep anywhere else but my bed . i try to put him in the pack n play but he wakes up after 40 minutes.

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Hi styleforum. We had exactly the same problem and I hated it bcoz I was so scared we would squash LO. Every night he was in our bed in the 1st few eeks.

My only advice is to persevere. LO is now 7 weeks old and the past 2 weeks almost he has gone down in his crib every night and slept for 3 to 4 hours until he wants a feed. I'm sure putting him in a sleeping bag has helped. U could also try swaddling, we bought a Woombie and he seemed to sleep better with that, then we moved on to the sleeping bag once he was used to going in the crib on his own.

We also started doing the same thing every night b4 bed from about 5 weeks. 9pm we go upstairs, turn lights off or low, turn TV down and speak softly whilst giving him his feed.

I'm sure she'll be fine in time. It's a big shock to the system when they arrive in the world. Just keep at it x

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Welcome to the club lol! I posted a very similar thread a few weeks ago. My LO (8 weeks now) would wake almost right away when we put her in her moses basket and there was no consoling her. I was relieved when others replied that their LOs were the same and then went on to find soooo many threads just like this one. The basic thing I got from it was that we had to do what worked for us. I did some research into how to bed-share safely and I still try her in her basket before bringing her into the bed (and I've been noticing that she'll stay a bit longer each time now). Most of the ppl that replied to my thread said that their LOs grew out of it. At the end of the day, your LO is still sooo young and tiny so I don't see anything wrong with it if it comforts him and allows u to get some sleep. Now, my LO will go down at 10 and not wake for a feed until 6 and then she goes down again for another 3 hours...and i feel soooo much better now that I'm getting some sleeps so I'm able to be a better mommy during the day. Plus, I now really enjoy having her in with me...Good luck and congrats x

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