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"Ergo" and other carriers

I've been looking at the Ergo carrier, which kind of seems to be like a halfway house between my Close Baby wrap and a more traditional baby-backpack. Anybody used the Ergo (or one of the carriers like it) and got any comments on it? I am quite small and my LO is quite big, so I am starting to get a lot of back and neck ache from carrying him in the Close Baby wrap.


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I met a woman at my BF group the other day who said she had used one since her baby was newborn and is still using it now he is two. She thinks they are great. If you post in natural parenting there are loads of people there who are baby carrying experts.

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Most women I know love the Ergo. (I don't have one.)

I think the only drawback might be that you can't forward face the baby in it?? If you want to be able to forward face her on your front, you might double check that.

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