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Baby crying and groaning in his sleep

I stayed in a city centre apartment overnight last night with my LO and as the curtains/blinds were so rubbish it was really light in the bedroom. As a result I could see my LO better in his cot and I discovered that he cries and grunts and groans in his sleep ALOT!

He didn't ask for food til gone 4am when usually I would feed him at 2am and I think this is because I am assuming he's awake and actually he's asleep and not asking for food!

This is a major breakthrough if this is a regular thing as it knocks out a night feed for me...The problem is he is still in our room and I am not sure I can sleep through the grunting etc so it means I wake anyway and actually there is no benefit for me...

So my questions are:

Should I move him into his own room (he's 4 months and I am paranoid that if I do something bad will happen to him because I am being selfish by moving him for my benefit IYKWIM)?

Will he grow out of the grunting etc?

Has anyone had this? If so, how did you cope?



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my babys a grunter! I moved her to her own room last night for the first time!! Luckily its just next to our room but it means we sleep better as she doesnt keep us awake grunting but shes still close enough for me to get up to feed her quickly when shes crying. I did feel guilty but its not as if shes far away.

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Thomas has been a grunting, thrashing, wriggling sleeper for the past 4 weeks! He is generally quiet for the first couple of hours so I can usually get to sleep OK but if I wake up it's impossible to get back to sleep so I have resorted to leaving him & my sleep-through-anything husband to it in our room & creeping off to the spare room for a few hours a night!

I totally empathise with the fears about moving your LO to their own room, but you have to consider the effects that continuous sleep deprivation will have on your well-being and ultimately your ability to care for your LO. I am a considerably calmer, more organised, more responsive & more fun mum if I haven't been kept awake all night!

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My LO does that too but she sleeps in our bed so its very loud and right in my ear I found that putting a dummy in her mouth when she starts groaning makes her quiet as she happily sucks away in her sleep. I used to think she was wanting fed but she kept sicking it all up. Turns out she's just windy and sucking on a dummy helps her. She spits it out if she's hungry so I know she definitely isn't hungry when she's groaning in her sleep.

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I moved Thomas about two weeks ago but I still have the monitors on so I'm still woken up by all of his little noises, it's almost as loud as having him in the same room. I have thought about not using the monitor as he is literally right next door and I would definitely hear him if he cried but I haven't dared to do that yet.

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4 months seems to be a crappy time, I'm just trying to hang in there.

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my LO is noisy and cries and groans in his sleep so we moved him into his own room last week. i dont mind as i leave both doors open and can hear him if he really does need me

it is hard moving them before 6 months as you do worry but he has been absoloutly fine

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