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Originally Posted by Tsia View Post
wow Sam.. I totally tip my hat in your direction. Its like after all the experience you have parenting down to a T. You could give supernanny a run for her money.
You sound like totally in control and in charge.. with well behaved and well performing kids.

Whats your secret? What do you find the best discipline route that kids take notice of? The naught step? or do you have 'the look'? My dad had the look and you knew when you had over stepped the mark! lol.
Do you ever raise a hand to them if stressed with other siblings at the time?
I think I probably would the stress would get to me that much! lol
I am a very tough mum. I dont take any crap from them!

I do not allow answering back, storming off, slamming doors etc. If one of them tried stormin off and slamming doors, i would make them come back in, close the door quietly and walk off nicely! I insist on manners and yes i have a look!

I use the naughty step for the younger ones but most of the time it doesnt get to that!

Yes i have on the odd occassion given them a tap on the hand or bum, but its sooooooooooo rare and i cant remember the last time. Other methods work better!

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Originally Posted by scottishgal89 View Post
i dont have any question that hasnt already been asked.
just wanted to say wow!! and well done you for coping.
i feel like i can barely manage with one sometimes.
you do deserve a medal!
Thankyou xx

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Originally Posted by maaybe2010 View Post
Same as above!

And if and when I have problem with my children (if I get there lol )
I hope your still here to give me advice!

EDIT: I do have a question!
Were all your children planned?
Or how many were planned?

Hmmm ive never really planned any of them. Ive just sort of gone with the flow. Its never taken me more than the first month to get pregnant though so i suppose when ive just stopped contraception, ive known whats going to happen so if that is classed as planned, then yes all of them lol

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Originally Posted by bump_wanted View Post
ah Sam i think your amazing! i'd love a big family (maybe not 9 kids) but tbh Ollie's pregnancy and birth was traumatic for me so i think i'll be drawing the line at 2 or 3...does it get easier with each pregnancy or more stressful? what would you say was your best tip for dealing with know like sleep when they sleep etc??

ooo n well done to your kids for being so clever xx
I suppose with the more i had, i knew what to expect so it was a bit less stressful. When i went into labour with Jenson, i wasnt scared at all apart from the fact that he was ver prem

Ooohhh best tip for dealing with newborns?

Remember, lots of things are just phases and will pass!
Dont try and be supermum, if the place is a tip and you are tired, just leave it!
Ive always got some sort of routine from the start. I know some people dont agree, but in a house as full as mine, baby has to fit in with us not the other way round lol
Just enjoy it!!

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Originally Posted by babydevil1989 View Post
I think ur amazing!! My question is what made you have nine children? Jad u always wanted lots of children or did it jus turn out that way? Xx

I always knew that i wanted children, just didnt expect so many!

I had 4 and then said no more. Thats why there is a 4+ year gap!

Then i got pregnant with Rachel in 2005 and the other 4 just followed very quickly!

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Originally Posted by lauzie84 View Post
Hats off to you for coping with 9 kids!

My question is, how many bedrooms do you have in your house. Do many of the kids share a room and if so are they ok with that? That's one of my biggest worries about having more as we are in a 3 bedroom house and one of the rooms is tiny. xx
We have a 4 bed house!

Me, john and jenson

Sean and Joe

Lauren, Rebekah and Ellis

Bethany, Rachel and Lewis

It has never been an issue with them, they dont really like being in their rooms. The older ones will go and read or write in peace, but they dont have tvs or games consoles in their rooms. I dont agree with them! I like to limit all of that so they stay in the living room and they tend to play out more

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Originally Posted by Claire788 View Post
Originally Posted by Sam9kids View Post
Originally Posted by aliss View Post
I was wondering when this one was going to come up! LOL!

Sam, what kind of vehicle do you have?
We have 2!

I have a citreon saxo, and John has a volvo estate!
lol volvo for the kids, saxo for the food shop

When they were smaller, was it a nightmare trying to remember who was in which size nappies??
Ha ha

Nappies, yes it certainly was fun! Now we just have size 2 for Jenson and size 5 for Ellis and Lewis

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Originally Posted by xpinkness87x View Post
wow i really think your an amazing women.

My question is did they get earlier the more you had?
Yes they did

Joe 39
Beth 39
Lauren 38
Bek 38
Rachel 37
Sean 35
Ellis 33
Lewis 31
Jenson 30

So no more!!!

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Amazing..You have a beautiful family..
hope you dont mind me asking but how old are you and your OH? im only 24 and bloody nackerd with one baby lol

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Wow! What an amazing home you must have - I suspect there's never a dull moment!!

Do you go on holiday? If so, how do you organise it and where do you tend to go? It must be a military exercise!

Thank you for sharing your experience - I am in awe!

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