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When can I give my newborn water?

My LO has just had a crying fit and we couldn't work out what was wrong with her. She wasn't taking her milk. Her nappy was bone dry and she'd only just woke up so I knew she wasn't tired.. She had a cuddle with daddy and when he lifted her to see if she had wind the back of her neck and head were covered in sweat. He took her baby grow off and took her outside for a minute to cool her down and tried her again on her milk which had since cooled and she didn't take the full feed just enough to cool herself down.

I was just wondering how soon you can give a baby water? Not straight from a tap of course but like boiled water that's cooled. I've been googling and it say's no you can't give a baby water but that's what her formula is made with .. Boiled water cooled down.. Please help I'm so confused!!!

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i gave max cooled boiled water at about 3 weeks as its quite hot here (spain) and i didnt want him getting dehydrated.

edit : my HV said it was fine

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you shouldn't give any water to a baby under 6 months unless under medical advice. it can be dangerous and make them fill up on water rather the the milk they need at the very least speak to your HV.

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I was told about not giving baby water, but I think they mean tap water or mineral water. How is boiled water cooled down on it's own different to boiled water cooled down with formula? It's the same thing. Boiled water cooled is sterile, and therefore is totally safe. And with the summer approaching you can't not give your baby fluids just because it's had a feed and isn't due another one yet. Here it gets up to 40c, and if she's only feeding every 4 hours, I can't expect her to last without any water.

We give Chloe water plain, or with herbal tea mixed in. My MIL is a retired MW and she's said it's perfectly safe. Chamomile tea soothes them, so that may help, and also the flavour will be a little more exciting than regular water, and because you're adding it to the water when it's boiling, it's sterile too. If you're worried she will fill up on water, only give an ounce at a time, or just enough to quench their thirst.

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the day after i came home from hospital, the midwife who came to see me told me i could give the bubs water inbetween feeds.....we did this and it didnt seem to agree with him....then i told my other midwife who regualry comes to see me about the water and she said not to give it to him!!!

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Both my midewife and health visitor said it was fine to give Brian cooled boiled water so I started about 2 weeks.
He has a little bit more now but to start with I only gave 2/3 mouthfulls a day now he has about 30ml a day.
Just be carfull that you dont fill them up to much so that they dont feel hungery enough to take thier feed, but as with most things its best to talk to your HV first if your unsure.
It may also be worth leaving her out of a sleep suit for a while if its too warm, we made this mistake and HV had a go at us saying its to warm in the house to be in a sleep suit all the time.

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Because their stomachs are so tiny at this point I would be careful about giving water in case they were to fill up on it and not take a feed... they get all the water they need for a while through breast milk or formula...

If you are really concerned though talk with your health care provider and you can make a decision based on what they say with a grain of salt...

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^Pretty much what Sweetie said. As far as I know it's not advised here at all to give water until they are weaning age

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I've always been told by midwives and health visitors that BF babies dont need water til weaning coz they get colustrum at the start of their feed which quenches their thirst, but FF babies should always be offered water as theres nothing in formula that quenches thirst!

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My uv said only give is baby is constipated! Babys are very hot and do sweat be careful stripping off and taking outside as they loose there body heat quickly and they need to be warmer than us! X

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