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I just use the syringe that came with the bottle and squirt it in as he sucks on it. So far he'll happily suck down anything that's been given to him.

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We abandoned Infacol because it didn't do anything for Chloe, but we've since found that GW doesn't do anything for her either

We used to put it in her milk and she didn't have any problem taking it. We gave it straight once and she spat it out. But I suppose you could give it straight and immediately after try giving milk to encourage her to keep it down.

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i have started putting it in the milk, i tried the spoon but he spat it out, tried the syringe but he spat it out lol put it in the milk and he gave me a look as if to say "i know what you have done!" but he will take it in that, and it works wonders, i forgot to take it out with me today so he didn't have it for a few feeds and i seen a difference .

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Can you not give gripe water and infacol together? Xx

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Thank you all for your advice it is much appreciated. Unfortunately I had to abandon my mission as LO stopped eating and had really runny poo. She also had awful tummy ace at evening. She was screaming so bad that my OH also cried cause He couldn't bear to see her in pain (bless He is usually ever so manly man I have only seen her cry couple of times)
I thought that it must be the GW I haven't given her any Infacol nor GW today and poo is norm again but she is so whiny and you can see that she has bottom wind. She also really struggles to finish her bottles. It is just so hard to see them like this and nothing seams to work for her in long term. I really hope it is true that it gets better when they are 12weeks or more it means that I have only 4 to go . Gosh sometimes I really wish that I'm not fist time mum and have more experience in this baby growing business

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