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Red spots around baby's eyes?

Hiya, Brooke has had little red spots around her left eye for a couple of weeks. They are under her eye & on her eyelid, they look like they are getting quite sore, but she doesn't seem bothered by them. Does anyone know what it is? I tried to get a photo but it was quite hard. Should I take her to the doctors?

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Could it be a bit of a heat rash? may be worth popping to the docs- especially because its on her eye x

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It could also be milia, which is fairly common but quite harmless.

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My first thought was also heat rash. I've noticed the same on my LO, but it is not bothering her and has only appeared since the weather warmed up.

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As others have said it could be a heat rash, milk spots or baby acne. If like you say they look sore then id take her to the drs. My LO had milk spots when she was a few weeks old and she needed antibiotcs as they got a little sore and infected...cleared up really quickly though

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