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Does anyone have a baby with Coeliac disease?

Dylan has been 'diagnosed' as being lactose intolerant but they never actually tested him. My sister in law mentioned that he may have a gluten allergy (as apposed to a lactose intolerance) as although he no longer has diarrhoea now he's on soya milk he's still not gaining weight well (1oz in 2 weeks).

TMI but when he has food with lumps in they come out the same shape (cubes) and size as they went in, so he's not digesting his food.

Does this sound like it could be Coeliac disease?

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this sounds soooooo much like my DD1. food was coming out as it was going in and the skin on her bottom was coming off and she was bleeding too. DD1 was on a gluten and wheat free diet for the next 6 years. now they have said, after numerous blood tests and challenges (where we put gluten back in her diet for a week or 2) that she isnt ceoliac but wheat intolerant. feel free to pm me if you want xxx

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It sounds like it could be, I had similar synptoms before I was diagnosed. xxxx

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