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Do babies sleep a lot when they have a cold?

I think my LO has his first cold

He doesn't seem to be 'snotty' but he's definitely a bit grumpy and isn't feeding as well as he usually does - he keeps breaking off from the breast, which I presume may be due to a blocked nose?

He also has his hand constantly in his mouth, which until now I assumed was teething but wondered if babies also do this when they have a sore throat? I woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling a bit heavy headed, so think we may both have come down with something.

He is sleeping soooo much at the moment - is this usual with a cold? He otherwise doesn't seem too bad - he was smiling and giggling a bit this morning.

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I know when I feel unwell that I sleep alot so can only imagine babies are the same... I would keep an eye on his temp and feeding etc and if worried, see gp..


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