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Food routine - 9 month old??!!

This is how it goes:

7am - Porridge and 4oz milk

10am - Fruit pot

12.30pm - 6oz milk

3.30pm - 6oz milk

5pm - pureed veg/chicken

7pm - bottle (and bed zzzz)

Shes not been fast on solid food, still not great with textures. Is this routine good? bad?

How does your LO eat?

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Well my two are slightly older than your LO but here's our routine and it works really well for us. They are gaining weight at a nice steady rate (according to our HV) and are never hungry - plus they sleep right through for us which is even better

7am - 9oz bottle
8:30am - piece toast
10:30am - breakfast jar (usually heinz creamed porridge or banana & apple b/fast)
12:30-13:00 - Savoury Jar (this can be anything - shepherds pie, spag bol, chicken curry - they'll pretty much eat anything as we have always made sure that we introduce lots of flavours and textures
15:00 - fruit pot
17:00 - rice cake/rusk
19:00-19:30 - 8/9oz bottle before bed

Edit: - BTW, they have juice or water throughout the day - your routine sounds just fine hun - ther's no right or wrong, just what works for you and your LO xx

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Ozzie is on:

7am - bf
8am - bowl of porridge with 5oz bottle
10am - bf
12pm - Slice of toast and a mashed banana
3pm - bf
5pm - Whatever meal we eat put through the blender and a yougart
7pm - 5oz bottle

Bf through the night.

I'm lucky that Ozzie has been very accepting of trying solids, my other two weren't as easy.

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Mirren has

anytime from 5-8am (depending when she wakes) - 5oz bottle

8am - toast fingers, fruit, yogurt, cereal in milk, baby breckie powder cereal. (combo of 2 of these things - not all, lol)

10.30am - 5oz bottle

12noon - dinner stage 2 jar

2.30pm - 5oz bottle

5pm - selection of, cucumber, tomato, bread sticks, cheese, kiwi, pear, rice cakes, bread fingers, cooked veggies, some of our dinner, pasta, yogurt, dessert jar.

7pm 5oz bottle

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Daniel is almost 7 months here's how he goes...

6.30am 7oz bottle
8.00am Wetabix in whole milk warm or cow and gate porridge
10.30am 6oz bottle
12.00 Stage 2 Hipp organics dinners plus half a stage 1 pudding. Plus a lil water.
2.30pm 6oz bottle
4.30pm Whatever we eat plus rest of pudding from lunch. plus a lil water
6.30pm 7oz bottle then bedtime xxx

Hope this helps, i don't know if i'm doing it right but it seems to work for Daniel xx

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Does she not have lunch?

Bella's is:

7:00am Breastfeed
8.30: Breakfast (porridge)
10.30: Yoghurt
1:00: Lunch, pureÚd veg and meat, finger foods
2.30: Breastfeed
4.30: Dinner, PureÚd veg and meat, finger foods
7:00: Breastfeed

Seems like a good rountine to me! :-)

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