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Cold feet and legs at night

Evies room is 22oC at night but she always wakes with cold legs and feet.

I put her in a sleep suit and a blanket which she kicks off but do you think it's ok for socks?

Or what tog sleep bag could I use?

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We use a sleeping bag for Callum, at the moment he's in a 1 tog sleep bag which is suitable for 21 to 24 degrees. I find them a lot better as he used to do the same and kick his blanket off so now I know he'll be warm xx

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Hi there,

The grobag website has a good table of what to put a baby in for a whole range of temps

I have Abby in a sleeveless vest/ bodysuit and a sleepsuit in a 1.0 tog grobag which is more than they recommend for her room- but she loves to be warm when she sleeps!! Her room is about the same temp hun

Hope that helps,

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