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Flat head correction helmet at 11 months

Hi ladies,
Hoping you can help me, or anyone in same boat. Alex is nearly 11 months old and is completely happy healthy normal baby boy apart from a slight flat spot on the left back side of his head. This has been apparent since he was about 6 months old and we've been told by HV that it's normal and Alex will grow out of it.

Alex's dad wants to look into one of the corrective helmets to see if this would help. We are not together, and I am vehemently against it, as I think the problem will right itself eventually and don't want to put Alex through discomfort of wearing it. I couldn't bear to see him in at crying and in pain, although I know he'd probably get used to it.

Alex's dad is worried that it will continue to get worse and that Alex will be teased at school and wants to look into getting a helmet fitted.

Has anyone got experience of this. Did it work? And was it worth it?


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i would talk to your doctor about it and see what they think , my friends twins have slight flat spots on opposite sides to each other as they always lay looking at each other as babies they have grown out a bit but as they are little girls their hair has grown to cover well as well , which wouldnt work for you with a boy so best to get a professionals opinion

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I haven't had this issue myself, but I have a couple of friends who have helmets for their LOs. I can't really speak for them, but I can tell you they are fully satisfied with the progress their LOs have made since wearing the helmets.

I can say if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't be as much concerned with the cosmetic aspect as I would the physical/emotional aspect as they got older, if others started to notice/tease them for it, and if it caused issues into adulthood like not being able to find hats/bike helmets, etc. that fit properly (depending how serious the flat spot is).

I would think perhaps speaking with those parents who HAVE done this with their children might prove to be helpful as you and LOs dad have different wishes when it comes to how to deal with it? If you PM me I can try to get you in touch with a couple people to hear their experiences and any positives/negatives with using the helmets.

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My son is just over a year old and has had a helmet for plageocephaly since he was 9 months old. We chose to get the helmet (despite the cost) as his head will NOT correct itself as he gets older (proven fact! - My pedeatrician said the same, that it will correct itself and they seem to be against the helmet stating that it is mainly cosmetic (even though it can affect sight, hearing etc if it is severe enough) but i still went ahead and went to a clinic to see what they thought).

The helmet has NEVER caused him any discomfort and he has never cried because of it.. He is actually quite attached to his helmet to be honest. He wears it at least 23 hours a day and we only take it off for bathtime.

Before he got the helmet he had a noticable bump on the right of his forehead, he also had a bump at the back of his head on the left side and his head was flat at the back on his right side. His head was 'indented' at the back on his right side by 1.2cm, which is a lot.
After 3 months of wearing the helmet his head was only 'indented' by 6mm and there was no longer a bump on his forehead. You couldnt even tell from the front anymore that his head was a funny shape!

He will be wearing his helmet until he is around 14-15 months old... And i am hoping that he has another growth spurt by then as his head could be corrected almost completely if so.

I would always suggest to other parents that the least you can do is look into it, do some research yourself and look at photos of kids 'before and after' the helmet.
I have never looked back... And although every week to three weeks i travel around 120km round trip to the private clinic that checks on his progress and adjusts the helmet so that it is comfortable for my son... I would 100% do it again if i have another child with plageocephaly.

The reason i did it was because what if its suddenly fashionable to shave all your hair off when they are 11 years old?! Or my main reason was.... ''Mummy, why is my head a different shape to everyone elses''.... And knowing i had a chance to correct it would have broken my heart.

Good luck hun..

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We are taking our son to the LOC clinic in London next Friday - he will be just 11 months old. This is for a free initial assessment and then we will decide what we are going to do.

We also were told by HV and GP that it would get better on its own, and we stupidly believed them, not knowing anything about the condition. If we had taken him early, or been at least given more information to prevent it would be a lot easier to correct.

we are hoping to find out next week how much they will still be able to correct as he will nearly be a year when he gets fitted for the helmet- if we decide to proceed, as 12 months is pretty late to start (they old start up to 14 months max)

I too hate the thought of him having to wear a helmet (especially if it might distress him). (and of course I feel slightly sick at how much it might cost (will put our plans to have a second on hold for a bit)). However when I think how it might affect him in the future how could we not do it?

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to those of you worrying about your kids wearing helmets, please dont. Owen has had his 8 weeks, and the only time it was an issue was the first day, when they wear for an hour, then off for an hour, and repeat all day. The initial taking on and off made him griszzle for 30 seconds, but that was it, it really isnt that bad, honestly.
Good luck

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My elder son got his helmet at 10 months and by the time he was 12 months his head had almost corrected. He wore the helmet until he was 16 months for extra correction. My son was in no apparent distress with the helmet, both when it was fitted and when he had it removed. He went from 18mm asymmetrical to 5mm (under 6mm is within normal range of asymmetry). His brachycephaly went from 89% to 85%. This was the Starband helmet. It is well worth having it done. It is a really gentle treatment Good luck!

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I personally would get it done if I were you. My niece had to get the corrective helmet at 8 months and my brother-in-law was very against it, but they decided it was best for her. Yes, it may correct itself, but what if it doesn't and she has a funny shaped head when she's older? She may resent you because of it. (I'm not trying to be mean, but if I grew up and I had a misshaped head and my parents told me they could have potentially fixed it but chose not to, I would be really upset). It doesn't even bother my niece and she is by far the cutest little girl around.. she's still wearing it, but has already seen significant improvements and it's only been two months!

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