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I have just been on a red toss baby and child first aid course . These are run once a month across the country and highly recommend as covers a number of emergency procedures also babies under 12 months is different to a child over 12months as to how to give CPR or deal with choking etc.

It is now recommended not to clear a persons airway especially not to put your finger inside their mouth if you see an object.

First aid videos can be found on the Red Cross website which cover a number of different topics however would highly recommend their baby child course for 45

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This is the first time I've noticed this sticky thread. Wish I'd seen it sooner

I did I paed first aid course years ago. Never thought I'd have to use it by my little
Boy stopped breathing in January and I have to admit I forgot everything as just froze and cried and screamed. I felt so bad but apparently it's very common to just freeze even f you know what your supposed to be doing xx

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Originally Posted by Mrs G View Post

There is an organisation in South of England who run courses on cpr and choking. . I am going in a few weeks as we get nothing like that in this area. In fact when I asked my consulatant when I was pg about he a just shrugged and said call 999.....

This is very relevant, thank you, as my sister has this issue, I will forward to her!

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I did a 1st Aid course at work and our instructor thankfully went over child/baby CPR and chocking I am so pleased he was able to do this for me

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