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how much does your 2 month old sleep?

Jayden is nearly 2 months now and i don't think he sleeps as much as he should.
Here is a rough guide to how his day/night goes.

6amish, wake up, 6oz.
sleep til 8am - feed 6oz
awake - 11am 6oz.
awake - 2pm 6oz
fights sleep til 4pm then sleeps till 6pm, then 6oz feed.
stays half asleep/cying/wont settle at all till 10pm, 6oz then sleep till 1am - feed 6oz.
sleeps 2am off and on til 6amish.

So all in 24 hours he has about 8 hours sleep, drinks about 42oz of milk, 2 weeks ago he weighed 12lb13 at 6 weeks.
It just doesn't seem like enough sleep. He's always crying/wont settle all day, and i know most of the time its because he's tired, his eyes shut for 2 minutes then he wakes up screaming, even walking him in the pram doesn't make him sleep (it used to when he was first born).

How do i get him into a routine, ideally i'd like him to have 2 naps a day, one about 10am - 12 then 3-4pm, then sleep about 9pm - 7am, it just doesn't seem possible, i wouldn't mind getting up once or twice through the night its just seems like constant crying/moaning/feeding sorry its abit of a rant ive got hold of him now typing this as he won't settle, he's half awake/sleep.

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Babies that young probably won't settle into a routine and it's normal for them to be feeding every 2-3 hours, sometimes more when they hit a growth spurt.

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Do you swaddle?? I would grab a rocking chair, a paci, swaddle the baby and rock him to sleep. Haley will fight it sometimes and I do this and within minutes she's asleep but the swaddle keeps her held tight so that when I put her down she doesn't flip out that I'm not holding her

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Mine had nearly an identical schedule. Growth spurts were constant at that age. I think babies sleeping through the night at 2 months are sort of a personality thing - either you have one or you don't. Mine only ate 1-2oz at a time (still does) at least every hour. Have you tried cluster feeding before bed? I've heard that is a good strategy.

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My two month old isn't really on a schedule but he seems to fall asleep every couple of hours, but doesnt sleep long. He nurses every couple of hours but not at night. He goes to bed around 10 and sleeps til 6 with 2 feedings in between. If I pump a bottle he only takes about 4 oz. He is 11 weeks and weights 14lbs...think he hit a growth spurt around 6 mths though and wanted to nurse more often.

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We started doing a bedtime routine with Alia about a week ago and it has worked wonders!!! This past week she has been consistently sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch at night and then waking up to feed and going right back to sleep for a few more hours. Last night she slept from 11-7 then woke up to eat then back to sleep till 9:30. She doesn't usually sleep very much during the day she's probably had two naps 30 min each. Yesterday was a bit better with one big nap 1.5 hours and a little nap 30 min. I would say each day she sleeps about 12 hours.

Oh and if you're curious the bedtime routine goes like this: feed around with her and wear her out until she starts crying (usually around 8:30)...give her a nice long bath with Johnson's bedtime bath wash...get her all dressed and swaddled...give her a nice long feed - usually last about 45 min...burp her very well...walk with her in my arms till she dozes off

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I remember stressing about this too when my little one was 2 months old and I remember also using the words "fighting sleep"! I read somewhere that babies amount of sleep varies HUGELY over a 24 hour period so that helped.... Once he was about 13 weeks or so he settled into a pattern of about 3 naps a day - sometimes short like 40 mins sometimes longer like 2hours. Someone gave me the advice of just go with the flow cos sleep is one of those things you can't force a baby to was hard because often all you can talk or think about is sleep and how much of it and all other people seem to ask about is sleep!! Now at 8 months he has been at 2 naps a day since 6 months or so and sleeps on average with naps and night sleep combined about 12 hours. I do what some people say is a big no no though and feed him to sleep - it has always felt natural to me. Anyway I have rambled on a bit! Good Luck!

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at 2 months kacey slept 12 hours at night and had maybe 4 30 minute naps during the day. At 2 months they need more than 2 naps a for the lenght of time kacey has never napped for 2 hours in a that age i used to think naps where so important as an overtired kacey was difficult to settle. So if i struggled i used to let her nap on me. They say good daytime naps make for good night sleep. I was told babys should be sleeping 2 hours after they wake

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Hi sarah10, my LO was also born on 18 aug and so far has no routine either nor does she sleep much. Sometimes she'll have a lunchtime nap for a couple of hrs but only once a week maybe otherwise she's awake most of the day. I try to do a bedtime routine from 7pm bath, feed etc and aim for 8pm bed but never goes to plan and she won't go till midnight then awake on and off. We've had doom great nights where she slept for 8-10 hrs feeding in between but again not often. I'm try to stop worrying about it as the hv's aren't worried and at the end of the day LO will do as she feels. I'm bf'ing every 2hrs and now just going with the flow. LO also 'fights' the sleep sometimes and it does help if she had some fresh air in the day so I try to walk with the pram. I've just bought a mob wrap to see if that helps with daytime naps as she loves to be held... Good luck

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Aliyah fights sleep too even though i can just see she is absolutely knackerd!
Depends wether im indoors or out for the day.
If im in all day she will sleep for about 3hours..
if im out she will sleep for about 5 but she sleeps in the night well-from about 9.30-10 til 7-8 x

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