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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 11:36 AM   21
Mum (Mom)
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Hi everyone!

I am Ellie and I am 33 from Glasgow

My daughter is Anna and she is our first - 10 months.

We are planning another next year.

I am no expert on babies or parenting but am always here to help or even just to listen

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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 12:06 PM   22
anna matronic
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I'm Sophie and am 29. I am a single mum to Evan who is nearly 3 weeks old. I am a teacher in a secondary school and sadly will be going back to work, although not until next June! I am certainly learning every single day and this forum is a bloomin' godsend!! I am exclusively breastfeeding too

I am no expert either, but can also offer advice on induction (especially failed ones!) and C-Sections (plenty of other pregnancy related stuff not belong here such as PPROM which is why I was induced at 38 weeks)

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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 12:27 PM   23
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Hi there

Im Lizzie, im 25 (26 in Dec lol) I am a mum to 4 boys my youngest is Joe and he is 4 months, im no expert in anything but im sure I can give my friendly advice to most subjects baby related lol This is my 3rd time BF so have some personal experience of that

Hello everyone

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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 12:54 PM   24
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I'm Meg I'm 18 and had my beautiful baby girl, Scarlett, on the 8th August this year. She's 3 months old
Any questions about BFing, babywearing, cosleeping, induction or post partum hemorrhaging, feel free to PM me!
Also, I'm running Ask a Mum at the moment, if you want to volunteer for that you can PM me

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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 12:54 PM   25
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I'm ILoveShoes, I'm 28, and Mummy to a gorgeous baby boy who is almost 11 weeks old. I live in the UK.

My LO is exclusively breastfed, even though we had A LOT of problems establishing BFing. He was 5 weeks prem, and was delivered feet first!


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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 13:03 PM   26
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Hi ladies im Carly!!!

Im 29 from Nottingham (like blind date) lol Aiden Lloyd is my 1st and he is 6 months old, starting to crawl heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp lol.we are trying for #2 after my friends wedding im greece next autumn.

We are moving into a new home (being built) next week so we are v excited, im quite a crazy gal folks who know me would probs say love a laugh.

My pers exp is emer C Sec, SPD and i bled at 35 weeks, ask away weaing / ff / sleep etc what ever you like im very easy going.
Laters xxxx

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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 13:16 PM   27
Mum (Mom)
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Hi I'm Leanne and I'm 28. Sadie is our first baby and has just turned 5 months. I ff and have done since she was 5 days old. I had an emergency section after I couldn't deliver a big back to back baby after being induced 2 weeks early due to gd. I suffered bladder trauma during my section which I got the all clear from on Friday! Yeah! Not an expert on anything but have had experience of a baby with excema (sp) and reflux.

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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 13:32 PM   28
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Helloooooo! I am Amy, I'm 20 years old. I have a five-month old son, his name is Kenneth. I'm definitely no expert on motherhood but I do know a lot on breastfeeding, co-sleeping and c-sections!

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Old Nov 14th, 2010, 23:38 PM   29
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Hi everyone,

I'm Tracie, 30, living in Alberta, Canada. My little girl Hana is just over 5 weeks old. She smiled for the first time a few days ago and I totally melted! She's smiling up a storm now Sorry, I'm just soooo excited about it!!

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Old Nov 15th, 2010, 01:24 AM   30
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Hi Im Kerrie,27 and I have 3 children aged 8,4 and 6 months.Nathan was induced due to waters leaking,Aimee was delivered 45 minutes after I got to the hospital.My last baby was a tough pregnancy,then went overdue and was born 10lb 5 and got stuck! My oh doesnt want anymore kids but Im allready broody .
I have experience in teenage pregnancy,induction,formula feeding,breastfeeding,co-sleeping so If anyone has any questions Im happy to help.

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