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8 week old with bad cold

My 8 week old LO has caught a bad cold. He barely slept last night as his breathing was so bad and he sounded like he was almost choking at times. How long do babies' colds usually last for and has anyone got any suggestions for ways to help LO feel better?

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My LO has had a cold, it has lasted for about 2 weeks, but not constantly really bad. Could u elevate the end of his bed so his head is slightly raised, that helps with the breathing. Not sure what the age is on all of the cold remedies- nasasol, vicks etc. Sorry to not be more help, hope he gets better soon x

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my LO has a cold at the mo.... I have put some Childrens Olbas Oil on a Muslin near her cot... I have nasal drops for babies, calpol and a nasal aspirator (to suck out the snot )... not sure if I can do anything else. Just make sure she is drinking plenty


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